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Dark or Light Carpet? Which One Should I Choose?

A while ago, I met with a homeowner who wanted to replace her carpeting in several rooms and also on the stairs.  We shopped and I sent her home with several samples to show her husband.  Here is how our email conversation went: JB said, “Deborah, we are at a stalemate as to whether we [...]

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Tips for Successfully Decorating Your Home – Part I

There are many issues we deal with in the process of turning a house into a beautiful home. Don’t forget to call your interior redesigner, me! to help you resolve these problems. Let’s start with the subject of clutter. Clutter is not always what you think it to be. It is not just piles of papers or stuff that [...]

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An Interview with the Decorator

I was recently interviewed by a local writer who agreed to let us publish a portion of the session on the Divine Blog.  Here is our first installment, hope you enjoy it. Q: I have seen you make minimal adjustments to furniture placement that result in a big impact?  Can you sum up in one [...]

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The Latest in Trends

Earlier this week I noticed an article in our local paper stating that the latest trend in decorating was to install carpet. Since when is carpet a trend? I digress; the photo is more the point of discussion. It showed a contemporary room with leopard carpet. It happens to look fantastic with this style décor. [...]

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Developing Your Signature Style

You may have noticed that several times in the website I used the term “signature style.” I use this term to describe the unique look and feel we help our clients develop in their homes when either redesigning it or creating new décor. Many of you have told me that your decor doesn’t have a style or [...]

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